Announcing the 2019 Go Developer Survey

Since 2016, thousands of Gophers around the world have helped the Go project by sharing your thoughts via our annual Go Developer Survey. Your feedback has played an enormous role in driving changes to our language, ecosystem, and community, including the gopls language server, new error-handling mechanics,… a new hub for Go developers
Over the last two years, as we’ve spoken with users at companies of all sizes, we’ve heard three questions…
Go Turns 10
Happy birthday, Go!
Go Modules: v2 and Beyond
This post is part 4 in a series.
Working with Errors in Go 1.13
Go’s treatment of errors as values has served us well over the last decade. Although the standard library’s…
Publishing Go Modules
This post is part 3 in a series.
Go 1.13 is released
Today the Go team is very happy to announce the release of Go 1.13. You can get it from the download…
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