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Hi, Let’s take a moment to contemplate on the breath and the depth of the expanding Pharo ecosystem. So much is happening that it is very hard to keep track, let alone look at everything or try it out. Marcus’ excellent curated Pharo Newsletter is one place to see this. Take the February 2020 list […]

Hacking Pharo in Amsterdam
Hacking Pharo in Amsterdam Come join us in Amsterdam at our programmers workspace in Amsterdam. Its…
[Ann] new version of concurrent Prog booklet
Thanks for all the feedback. I fixed the embarassing english mistakes and french left over. I just issued…
[Ann] Teachable
I moved Teachable project now to GitHub: https://github.com/astares/Pharo-Teachable The Project shows…
[Ann] uFFI booklet
Hi all, We have been working a lot in the last months in the documentation of uFFI, and we are happy…
About Bloc design
[Ann] Concurrent Programming in Pharo
Is now available on http://books.pharo.org/booklet-ConcurrentProgramming/ S.
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